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Our system, our history, our beliefs



Mixed Martial Arts

Our curriculum is a mixed martial arts style curriculum based on traditional Tae Kwon Do (Kenvin Form), Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, Aikijitsu, and Boxing.


How did we get here?

Mr. Hornung has been training and teaching for 40 years, including grappling, throwing, and striking arts, in addition to teaching numerous women's self-defense, kids programs, speaking engagements on radio and internet shows and schools, fitness centers/gyms reaching and teaching thousands of people. The original Kenvin Form Martial Arts Academy opened in New Hampshire in 1999 and continues to operate under the direction of Head Instructor Brian Curtis. The newest location, in Georgetown, Texas, opened in August, 2017.



Reflecting Christ, serving others

We strive to reflect the love of Christ in all that we do. We also take a biblical view of the world, that there is evil in the world, it is very real, and sometimes it comes to visit, and we need to be prepared. We study violence, how it happens, types of predators, predator tactics, and specific tools for dealing with it all - what we call "Training the Brain". Our martial arts curriculum is based on building defensive capabilities in any situation - standing, clinch/contact, and ground.

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